Karen voice is to song, what Mozart is to music.
She had the Stradavarius of voices.

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Living Famously (Pt 1)
Living Famously (Pt 2)
Living Famously (Pt 3)
Living Famously (Pt 4)
Living Famously (Pt 5)
Living Famously (Pt 6)

AE Biography (Pt 1)
AE Biography (Pt 2)
AE Biography (Pt 3)
AE Biography (Pt 4)
AE Biography (Pt 5)

Only Yesterday (Pt 1)
Only Yesterday (Pt 2)
Only Yesterday (Pt 3)
Only Yesterday (Pt 4)
Only Yesterday (Pt 5)
Only Yesterday (Pt 6)
Only Yesterday (Pt 7)
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Tom Jones (London Bridge)Special
Karen Carpenter Biography
Wedding - Karen Carpenter & Tom Burris